Cantine Patria - "La cantina del vulcano"

Cantine Patria - "The Volcanic Winery"

The cellars Patria welcome throughout the year visitors from around the world and events thats see the Etna winethe protagonist. A unique experience and training designed togive you the territory, with its enchanting scenery and ist typical gastronomic expressions. The visit to the patria winery is a jorney into the world of wine and discover the wonders of the volcano.

The winery Patria takes name from Patria quarter, at Monreale. It was that land that the family Di Miceli bought an estate in 1950. Many years later, in 1998 to be exact, the President of the Soc. Coop. Patria Francesco Di Miceli with its expertise as agronomist and winemaker, Francesco Di Miceli took over the old cellar “Torrepalino” historic winery that it was born in 1975, located in Solicchiata, a small town in Castiglione di Sicilia, the northen side of Etna at about 700 above sea level. The story of Torrepalino is linked to that of the Aragonese Watch Tower that sprang up to defend the region. At the top of the construction there was a direction indicator called “Palino” that provided orientation for processions of travellers and wayfarers. On one side is the commercial port of Riposto, and on the other that of Milazzo. Both ports are leading players in Sicilian commercial wine industry transport and the movements of people and goods. From here is born the name “Torrepalino”. The president Di Miceli decided to change name in Patria, an agricultural and wine producing estate that has inherited the ancient legacy of Torrepalino. In this way they formed a group of wineries in various parts of Sicily and the main winery in Solicchiata that receives and works all the grapes given.

The development of this company in recent years has enabled the transformation from “Cooperative” to “a.r.l”, essentially has been privatized. The property is surrounded by ecosystem maintened the same for centuries: the context is dominated by Etna unparalleled beauty where the mountains chasing the hills until reach the sea, the Saracen olive tree alternate with vineyards and winds mythological mark the changing of the seasons. The particular geographical location at an altitude that touches 750 metres in its highest part, the terriroty is the main element of differentiation, authenticity and uniqueness. Through its exposure and altimeter, the environment is characterized by a major thermal excursion between the day and the night. Although open to innovation and experimentation, the winery aims at excellence starting from the wineyards, where the monitoring is to understand the phenolic maturity and therefore a proper grape harvest time. The global extension of vineyards is about 350 hectares. Most plants are grown an espalier with pruning in cordon. Some areas is raised at small trees.( Etna Doc and Reserve 1996, 2000, 2001). The oldest vineyard dating back to mid 1900, but the average age of the wines is very variable.

To enrich the exteriors, as well as rooftop terraces and a small sanctuary, several structures have been realized over Arena Palici the years and allow the sole Director commentator Francesco Di Miceli, proudly opening the winery to the public. Among those of great value is the renovated Arena PALICI in lava rock in 2005 and nestled between the Natural Park of Etna, the Alcantara River Park and the Nebrodi, which lends itself particularly well to host artistic and cultural events. A structure built (old warehouse) in 2005, houses the tasting room and media room polivante. Finally, particularly impressive is the underground passage between the ancient lava flows that transmit sensations of hard lava flows over the centuries.

The winery's corporate philosophy can be summarized into the following guidelines:

- Exploiting native grape varieties.
- Enhancing non-native grape varieties with distinctive characteristics of the island's territory.
- Researching and experimenting wine-making to always improve the manufacturing excellence.

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