Barone di Bolarò - Wein und Kunst aus Kalabrien

It is told that the cultivation of vines in Italy has ancient origins and most likely the southern regions of the Italian peninsular were the first to develop and produce wine.  The subsequent spread of wine production throughout the country led in time to Italy becoming famous for its culture of the vine and this is demonstrated to such a degree that Sofocle in the 5th century defined the Italian land “the chosen land of Bacco”

All great wines are born of an accurate selection of the best vines, of the passion dedicated to their daily care and the techniques used to nurture them to produce the very best wine, as well as the land and the climatic factors which all must combine to obtain the correct balance which ensures high quality.  The respect of and value given to these ensure the brand Barone di Bolaro  is ever more a guarantee and synonym of quality.

The company philosophy of Barone di Bolaro is to concentrate our selection of fine wine in the areas of the Calabrian peninsular which offer the most well know vines to enable us to bring to you a selection of high quality wines with notable characteristics.

Another important point which distinguishes Barone di Bolaro  from other similar companies is the meticulous detail to which we go to ensure our wines are presented in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.  The combination of art and wine has always been greatly appreciated and explored,  and exactly from this complex of cultures have we found the right balance to pair our fine wines to hand made artisan labels in terracotta.  This limited and numbered collection of “little works of art”, help us to give added value to our production and reinforce the tradition and culture which binds fine wine to our land.  

Owning a bottle of Brutio will not only be an expression of your search for fine wine and your appreciation of something extraordinary, but, it will also bring with it the satisfaction of knowing that you own a “little masterpiece”, unique of its kind, and demonstrated by the originality and care given to its creation by the master artisan who fashioned it by hand.